Leprechaun Sightings!

As long as there have been mythological creatures, folklore, and legends, there will be questionable people, weirdos, and maniacs who claim to have seen them. Perhaps, some of them did see them, while, on the other hand, some people are just strange. Just a little while ago, a number of people claimed to have seen a leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama. Despite the many videos, and photos, much of the view of the tree is obstructed by flashing lights, car lights, camera phones, and a great many people standing around yelling. This doesn’t particularly sound like a leprechaun’s chosen scene, but hey… maybe. Several people had various claims about the leprechaun. Many at the scene said he only came out at night. One woman said she thinks the leprechaun was a crackhead who’d just finally lost it, and climbed into a tree. Another man at the scene claimed to have a special leprechaun “pipe” that came from his great grandfather in Ireland, while he was dressed entirely in camouflage; he claimed to be “waiting” for the leprechaun. Scary. Many other just claimed they were all about getting the leprechaun’s gold. Hopefully, the leprechaun and his gold are now safely beneath the tree.

Others, have entire websites dedicated to watching leprechauns. One sight has a hidden webcamera in County Tipperary in Ireland. Just think, you could catch a leprechaun running by! All you have to do is sit in front of your computer for hours, and refresh the page every two seconds. There’s a page located in the sight made for others to record their sightings. Some have written often of their supposed sightings, while others have written poetry instead of what they say running by. The site even includes an option to watch in panorama view, zoom in or out, of the fairy ring where leprechauns are likely to come about at night to play. On St. Patrick’s Day in 2008, another supposed leprechaun sighting took place in Killarney, supposedly somewhere inside a photo of a tree stump. The jogger looked nothing like a leprechaun to me, and I’d think he’d be a little offended at all the people out there wondering whether or not he is one.

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