Kallikantzaros & Menehune

The Kallikantzaros, or kallikantzaroi –we’re going to have to come up with something shorter and easier to spell for the time being, so let’s go with kallies for plural, from here on out, –is a night time spirit. Kallies dwell in the ground, and come out at night to wreak mischief on unsuspecting villagers, and citizens. The kally can refer to leprechauns, gnomes, or goblins collectively, but for the most part, they’re spirits from ancient Greek mythology, and Cypriot legends as well. Cypriot; as in, from the island of Cyprus, long known for it’s strife and hardships, as well as being one of the most beautiful places on earth. The name for kallikantzaros is speculated to be derived from the term “kalos-kentauros” which means, “beautiful centaur.” They are mainly underground dwelling as a species, and surface at night, but only during the winter solstice; from December 25th, to January 6th. They stay underground, working only to saw through the World Tree; a legend present throughout almost all mythology, it’s roots, branches, and leaves support the earth, heavens, and the underground. The Kallies saw through the roots year-round to make it collapse, therefore destroying the world, but during the solstice, they’re able to go above ground so they forget the tree. When they return on the sixth, they see that the tree has completely healed itself, and so they must start all over. One could protect themselves during the solstice by leaving a colander on their doorstep; the kallikantzaros would ave to busy himself counting each and every hole. Also, they were unable to count past two, because three is a holy number, and if they were to say it, they’d immediately die.

The Menehune are basically the fairy race of Hawaii; they resemble leprechauns, or gnomes, are said to have once built homes, canoes, and little villages deep in the forest. According to Hawaiian mythology, the menehune were an actual race; their favorite foods were bananas, fish, and that they were superbly talented in crafts. A few of the structures in Hawaii are supposedly built by the Menehune, since no one else can remember who did it. For example, Alekoko fishpond wall at Niumalu, Kaua’i, Kīkīaola ditch at Waimea, Kaua’i, and the Necker island structures. Likely, these are natural structures created by weather and erosion; but, on the other hand… maybe not.

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