Leprechaun Origins

There are many different possible origins for the leprechaun in the Irish realm of faeries, sprites, and goblins, among the many others. Some scholars speculate on the subject that the word leprechaun came from the Irish word “leipreachán.” Patrick S. Dinneen, an Irish lexicographer and historian, defined the leipreachán as being a pigmy, a sprite, […]

Leprechaun Stories

Leprechauns appear in many stories and books, even films, such as the Hallmark Classic Darby O’Gill And The Little People; which, I have to confess is my personal favourite. Also, Leprechaun, and the long series of sequels, which personally, I found creepy and utterly disturbing. I still kind of shudder at the sight of a […]

The Clurichaun & Far Darrig

The clurichaun is a night time spirit, closely resembling a leprechaun, and called a cousin of the leprechaun as well. Some speculate that the clurichaun is instead a type of butter spirit; much more prone to mischief as they are, solitary, crazy about butter, reputed household thieves, etc. Other folklore is that instead, a clurichaun […]

Kallikantzaros & Menehune

The Kallikantzaros, or kallikantzaroi –we’re going to have to come up with something shorter and easier to spell for the time being, so let’s go with kallies for plural, from here on out, –is a night time spirit. Kallies dwell in the ground, and come out at night to wreak mischief on unsuspecting villagers, and […]

Leprechaun Sightings!

As long as there have been mythological creatures, folklore, and legends, there will be questionable people, weirdos, and maniacs who claim to have seen them. Perhaps, some of them did see them, while, on the other hand, some people are just strange. Just a little while ago, a number of people claimed to have seen […]

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